Acta Vet. Brno 2007, 76: 41-46

Association of GH Gene Polymorphism with Semen Parameters of Boars

M. Kmieć1, A. Terman1, H. Wierzbicki2, S. Zych1

1Agricultural University of Szczecin, Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Szczecin, Poland
2Agricultural University of Wroclaw, Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Wroclaw, Poland

Received November 25, 2005
Accepted September 5, 2006

Relations between polymorphism of the Growth Hormone gene and semen characters were analyzed. The DNA for the purpose of examination was isolated from the peripheral blood of 173 boars. In the boar herd under study the frequency of allele occurrence for the GH/MspI was as follows: allele GHA - 0.79 and allele GHB - 0.21. As far as the GH/HaeII polymorphism is concerned, the relevant frequency was as follows: allele GHA - 0.53 and allele GHB - 0.47, respectively. The relationship between the GH genotypes and semen characteristic traits were analyzed. The study showed that boars with GHBGHB genotype of both polymorphous loci of the GH gene produced ejaculates of larger volume, higher percentage, number of normozosperms in the ejaculate and number of insemination as compared to GHA GHA and GHAGHB boars. Our current findings suggested that polymorphism of the GH/MspI and GH/HaeII might have potential effect for reproductive performance traits of boars.