Acta Vet. Brno 2009, 78: 93-98

Stress in Broiler Chickens Due to Acute Noise Exposure

Petr Chloupek1, Eva Voslářová1, Jan Chloupek2, Iveta Bedáňová1, Vladimíra Pištěková1, Vladimír Večerek1

1Department of Veterinary Public Health and Toxicology
2Department of Nutrition, Livestock Breeding and Animal Hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno, Czech Republic

Received March 4, 2008
Accepted October 1, 2008

Stress effects from acute noise exposure were monitored in a group of ROSS 308 broiler chickens (n = 80), aged 42 days. The experiment simulated slaughterhouse sounds to which the broilers were exposed for 10 min in the test enclosure. Effects of acute noise exposure at two different levels (80 dB and 100 dB) were evaluated on the basis of examinations of selected biochemical plasma indicators and tonic immobility tests. Noise stimuli of both 80 dB and 100 dB intensities for 10 min induced a significant elevation in plasma corticosterone levels. Broilers that were exposed to noise stimuli of 100 dB also exhibited a significant increase in the cholesterol level and total protein level. Exposure to noise stimuli did not influence the glucose level and triglyceride concentrations. The duration of tonic immobility was not affected by noise stimuli in our experiment. However, noise exposure at a 100 dB level decreased the number of attempts to induce tonic immobility in broilers.