Acta Vet. Brno 2009, 78: 281-285

Malignant Ovarian Granulosa Cell Tumour in a Ewe

Tanja Švara, Mitja Gombač, Polona Juntes, Milan Pogačnik

Institute of Pathology, Forensic and Administrative Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Received June 2, 2008
Accepted November 12, 2008

We describe a rare case of malignant granulosa cell tumour in an adult ewe, euthanised due to progressive weight loss. Necropsy examination revealed a neoplastic enlargement of the right ovary, multifocal neoplastic masses in the lung and spleen, and severe enlargement of mediastinal and iliacal lymph nodes. Histopathology of the right ovary revealed a malignant ovarian granulosa cell tumour with metastases to the lung, spleen, and mediastinal and iliacal lymph nodes. Immunohistochemistry confirmed histopathological diagnosis. Neoplastic cells reacted positively for CK MNF 116 and vimentin and were negative for CK 7 and desmin. To our knowledge this is the first report of a malignant granulosa cell tumour in ewe.