Acta Vet. Brno 2009, 78: 373-377

Effect of Organic Selenium from Se-enriched Alga (Chlorella spp.) on Selenium Transfer from Sows to Their Progeny

Martin Svoboda1, Václav Kotrbáček2, Radek Ficek1, Josef Drábek1

1Clinic of Pig Diseases,
2Department of Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic

Received November 4, 2008
Accepted March 9, 2009

The study was conducted to determine the efficacy of organic Se from Se-enriched alga Chlorella spp. in placental transfer to piglets. In group A (n = 8) the sows were fed during the gestation a diet supplemented with inorganic Se (sodium selenite, 0.3 mg/kg). In group B (n = 8) the diet of the sows was supplemented with organic Se from Se-enriched alga (0.3 mg/kg). The Se concentrations in the whole blood (P < 0.05) and in colostrums (P < 0.05) were higher in the group of sows provided with the organic Se form. No differences in GSH-Px activities were found between the two groups. The concentrations of Se in piglet tissues were also higher when the organic form was provided. It is concluded that the use of the organic Se from Se-enriched alga Chlorella spp. in sows resulted in greater transfer of Se to their progeny.