Acta Vet. Brno 2009, 78: 657-659

Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Unilateral Scrotal Hernia, Varicocele and Sperm Granuloma in a Ram

Delia Lacasta, Luís M. Ferrer, Juan J. Ramos, Pablo Gómez Ochoa

Departamento de Patología Animal Facultad de Veterinaria Zaragoza, Spain

Received December 28, 2008
Accepted May 18, 2009

A four-year-old ram was presented with a conspicuous hemilateral scrotal enlargement that was noticed four weeks before. Based on the history, clinical signs, palpation, trans-scrotal ultrasonography and semen collection, a left scrotal hernia was diagnosed. Ultrasonographic examination showed a presumably omental fat scrotal hernia with an atrophic left testis and varicocele, and the presence of two sperm cysts could be observed in the right epididymal tail. The testis appeared as a homogeneous and moderately echogenic structure and it was possible to distinguish atrophy of the left testis that was covered by a hyperechoic area, presumably omental fat, within the hernial sac. In addition, on ultrasound examination non-echogenic tortuous areas were present and diagnosed as varicocele. Post mortem examination confirmed gross lesions identified ultrasonographically. The libido of the ram was normal but the semen showed total azoospermia. Ultrasound imaging can be used as a diagnostic technique to confirm the diagnosis of scrotal hernia, varicocele, sperm cyst and testis mineralization.