Acta Vet. Brno 2010, 79: 121-125

Innovation of Surgical Correction of Rectal Prolapse in Sows

Svatopluk Čech, Zbyněk Jan, Eva Malá, Radovan Doležel

Ruminant Clinic, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic

Received December 29, 2008
Accepted June 30, 2009

The aim of the work was to describe an alternative method of treatment of prolapsed rectum in the sows. This approach was used to treat rectal prolapse in four affected sows. A 23.5 cm long Gerlach's needle was used for sewing a circular suture around the base of prolapsed rectum. The horizontal U-suture was performed with a synthetic absorbable surgical fibre. Two fibres 25–30 cm long were placed into the needle eye, the needle was inserted under finger control into the rectal lumen and the prolapsed tissue was penetrated from the inside to the outside. Both ends of the first fibre were grasped by haemostatic forceps and fixed for the last stitch and the inner end of the second fibre was placed into the needle eye with the third fibre. Rectal tissue was penetrated in the same manner at the distance of 2–3 cm from the place of the first penetration. The first U-stitch was made by tying both ends of the second fibre after the needle removal. The inner end of the third fibre was placed into the needle eye with the fourth fibre and the procedure was repeated around the whole prolapse until the first fibre was reached and used for the last stitch. The prolapsed tissue was excised by a blade at the distance of approximately 2 cm from the suture. There was no haemorrhage due to ligation of the tissue. After placing the simple continuous catgut suture around the rectum, a spontaneous retraction of the stump occurred, and the purse-string suture was not required. This method is applicable in practice in sows suffering from large, oedematous and hard prolapse when simple reposition or use of another surgical correction is impossible. In addition, the method may be used also in other large animal species.


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