Acta Vet. Brno 2010, 79: 177-183

Effect of Sage Extract on Alkaline Phosphatase, Enterocyte Proliferative Activity and Growth Performance in Chickens

Mikuláš Levkut1, Andrej Marcin2, Ľudovít Lenhardt1, Pavol Porvaz2, Viera Revajová1, Božena Šoltysová2, Ján Blanár1, Zuzana Ševčíková1, Juraj Pistl1

1University of Veterinary Medicine, Košice, Slovak Republic,
2Slovak Centre of Agricultural Research Nitra, Agroecology Research Institute Michalovce, Slovak Republic

Received December 23, 2008
Accepted March 8, 2010


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