Acta Vet. Brno 2010, 79: 313-318

Laparoscopically Assisted Cryptorchidectomy Using LigaSure® Electrocoagulation

Lucie Urbanová, Michal Crha, Petr Raušer, Jana Lorenzová, Alois Nečas

Department of Surgery and Orthopaedics, Small Animal Clinic, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, Czech Republic

Received June 29, 2009
Accepted October 21, 2009

This study presents first two cases of laparoscopically assisted cryptorchidectomy using the LigaSure® device performed on clinical patients at our department; namely, a four-year-old German shepherd and a thirteen-year-old Maltese dog. The cryptorchid testis was laparoscopically localized and grasped and by sequential grasping of the spermatic funicle using the LigaSure® device, a. et v. testicularis, ductus deferens as well as a. et v. ductus deferentis were successively coagulated and transected. The testis was removed from the abdominal cavity through a slightly enlarged incision for the instrument port. The testis positioned in the scrotum was in both cases removed using prescrotal castration with ligature of the spermatic funicle and a. et v. testicularis, ductus deferens as well as a. et v. ductus deferentis. Both patients were released into home care on the second day after the procedure without the need to administer further analgesics. No complications with anaesthesia, surgical procedure or complications in the postoperative period were recorded. Laparoscopically assisted method of coagulation and transection of the blood vessels and ductus deferens using the LigaSure® device appears as clinically applicable, fast and safe miniinvasive method of cryptorchidectomy in dogs.


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