Acta Vet. Brno 2010, 79: 431-436

An Assay in Microtitre Plates for Absolute Abundance of Chicken Interferon Alpha Transcripts

Renata Novak Kujundžić1, William Lauman Ragland2

1Division of Molecular Medicine, Institut Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb, Croatia
2Zagreb Biotek d.o.o., Supetar, Croatia

Immunosuppression of commercial chickens is a serious animal health and economic problem in the poultry industry. The major causes of the immunosuppression are viruses that suppress transcription of interferon genes, especially interferon alpha. There is a need for monitoring immunosuppression in commercially bred chickens. For this purpose, the absolute abundance of interferon alpha transcripts can be measured in blood of chickens by a suitable assay. Such an assay was used to estimate abundance of chicken interferon alpha in a sample of splenic cells induced with polyinosinic polycytidylic acid. The abundance measured was 29 ± 2 attomoles/µg total RNA. This assay can be performed in microtitre plates using samples collected from chickens in poultry houses.


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