Acta Vet. Brno 2013, 82: 191-196

Rapid assessment of selected free amino acids during Edam cheese ripening by near infrared spectroscopy

Jiří Mlček1, Květoslava Šustová2, Otakar Rop3, Tünde Juríková4, Petr Humpolíček5, Štefan Balla4

1Tomas Bata University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Food Technology, Zlín, Czech Republic
2Mendel University, Faculty of Agronomy, Department of Food Technology, Brno, Czech Republic
3College of Business and Hotel Management, Department of Gastronomy, Brno, Czech Republic
4Constantine the Philosopher University, Faculty of Central European Studies, Institute of Natural and Informatics Sciences, Nitra, Slovakia
5Tomas Bata University, Centre of Polymer Systems, Polymer Centre, Zlín, Czech Republic


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