Acta Vet. Brno 2013, 82: 265-269

Detection of DGAT1 gene polymorphism and its effect on selected biochemical indicators in dairy cows after calving

Lenka Lešková1, Miroslav Bauer2,3, Peter Chrenek2,4, Zuzana Lacková1, Jana Soročinová5, Vladimír Petrovič1, Gabriel Kováč1

1University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, Clinic for Ruminants, Košice, Slovak Republic
2Animal Production Research Centre, Nitra, Slovak Republic
3Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovak Republic
4Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Nitra, Slovak Republic
5University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, Clinic for Swine, Košice, Slovak Republic


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