Acta Vet. Brno 2016, 85: 63-69

The method of preparation and use of vasectomized stallions to regulate the sexual function in mares during hippodrome testing

Nursulu Julanova1, Orynbay Tagayev2, Mardan Julanov1, Meruyert Alimbekova1, Kanat Koibagarov1, Yessengali Ussenbekov1, Askar Mautenbaev3

1Kazakh National Agrarian University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2A. Baitursynov Kostanai State University, Faculty of Veterinary and Livestock Technology, Kostanai, Kazakhstan
3Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Faculty of Biology, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Received July 15, 2014
Accepted November 10, 2015


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