Acta Vet. Brno 2018, 87: 73-76

Bilateral corneal dermoids and eyelid malformation in a colt – a case report

Zita Makra1, Csaba Jakab2

1University of Veterinary Science, Department and Clinic of Equine Medicine, Üllő, Hungary
2University of Veterinary Science, Department of Pathology, Budapest, Hungary

Received July 9, 2017
Accepted April 3, 2018

A 4-month-old colt was presented to the Department and Clinic of Equine Medicine, University of Veterinary Science, Hungary for the evaluation of chronic bilateral mucopurulent discharge and mild blepharospasm. On ophthalmic examination, pigmented skin with long hairs located ventro-temporally on both corneas, a cluster of aberrant long hairs protruding from both caruncles and medial canthi, and a duplicated inferior eyelid of the left eye were identified. Surgical excision of limbic dermoids on both eyes and blepharoplasty appeared curative at the 6-month post-operative follow-up. This case report describes unusually located bilateral limbic dermoids in a horse. In addition, the dermoid on the left eye was accompanied by eyelid malformation. This unique combination of ocular congenital lesions has not been described in a horse so far.


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