Acta Vet. Brno 2018, 87: 225-229

Meningioma in cervical spinal cord segment 6 of a dog – a case report

Ciprian Andrei Ober1, Orit Chai2, Joshua Milgram2, Cosmin Petru Peştean1, Cecilia Danciu1, Teodoru Soare3, Liviu Ioan Oana1, Marian Taulescu1

1University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, Rehovot, Israel
3University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, Romania

Received November 28, 2017
Accepted August 13, 2018


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