Acta Vet. Brno 2020, 89: 209-216

Comparison of laparotomic omentopexy vs. laparoscopic abomasopexy treatments of left displaced abomasum in dairy cows under field conditions: biochemical analysis

Tomáš Haloun1, Radko Rajmon1, Dalibor Řehák2, Helena Härtlová1, Zuzana Ptáčková1, Jaroslav Marek3, Petra Folková1, Petr Slavík1, Jan Šterc4

1Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Department of Veterinary Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic
2Institute of Animal Science, Department of Biometric Unit, Prague-Uhříněves, Czech Republic
3University of Pardubice, Department of Mathematics and Physics, Pardubice, Czech Republic
4ORTHOVET s.r.o., private veterinary practice, Moravany, Czech Republic

Received March 31, 2020
Accepted June 22, 2020


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