Acta Vet. Brno 2021, 90: 35-46

Sudden death associated with bleeding into digestive system of finishing pigs – a review

Jaroslav Novotný1, Peter Reichel1, Petronela Kyzeková1, René Mandelík2

1University Veterinary Hospital, Clinic of Swine, Košice, Slovakia
2Department of Epizootiology, Parasitology and Protection of One Health, Košice, Slovakia

Received December 4, 2020
Accepted February 24, 2021

Sudden deaths of finishing pigs in modern pig herds cause economic losses and therefore draw constant attention worldwide. In the case of peracute mortality associated with gastrointestinal bleeding, pigs usually die during a short period without clinical manifestations. Necropsy can detect bleeding into various parts of the digestive system. Determining the exact aetiology of the sudden death can be difficult in many cases. Diseases and conditions such as gastric ulcers, abdominal torsion, haemorrhagic bowel syndrome and infectious diseases should be taken into account in the differential diagnosis. Because some of these diseases still have an unclear aetiology and pathogenesis, the aim of our work was to provide a summary of existing knowledge as well as to describe related pathognomonic pathological changes.


This publication is the result of the project implementation: “Open scientific community for modern interdisciplinary research in medicine (OPENMED)ˮ, ITMS2014+: 313011V455 supported by the Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure, funded by the ERDF.


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