Acta Vet. Brno 2013, 82: 175-180

Quality indicators of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) venison from two different Czech regions

Petr Dominik, Alena Saláková, Hana Buchtová, Ladislav Steinhauser

University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology, Department of Meat Hygiene and Technology, Brno, Czech Republic

This study focused on differences in the monitored quality indicators of roe deer venison depending on the region of the Czech Republic where roe deer are hunted. Quality of roe deer venison was evaluated based on pH values, colour (CIEL*a*b* system) and chemical composition (content of haem pigments, dry matter, pure protein, collagen and fat). Samples of muscle from the leg (m. gluteus medius) were taken from 22 female roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) from two hunting regions (Liberec and South Moravia) in the Czech Republic. In roe deer from Liberec, higher pH value (5.65, P < 0.001) was found; muscles were darker (L* = 36.03), contained higher redness (a* = 14.41, P < 0.001) and yellowness values (b* = 12.10) and higher chroma (C* = 18.86). In roe deer from South Moravia, higher (P < 0.05) hue (h°) values, and higher level of haem pigments (2.45 mg·g-1) were found. Muscles from roe deer from South Moravia contained higher amounts of dry matter (29.52%, P < 0.001), pure protein (23.84%, P < 0.001) and total collagen (0.86%), and lower amounts of intramuscular fat (0.48%). These results may provide an important source of information for consumers of roe deer meat because several differences in the quality (chemical composition) of muscles from South Moravian region and Liberec region were found. Presumably, the differences between muscles from animals living in two different Czech regions were due to the diet, form of land use (more agricultural land in Southern Moravia, and forests and mountains in Liberec) and climatic conditions (Liberec lies in the northern part of the Czech Republic). It is the first study of this topic in the Czech Republic.


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