Acta Vet. Brno 2015, 84: 357-363

The effect of feed rations containing high moisture crimped corn ensiled with microbial inoculant or chemical additive on milk production and metabolism of dairy cows

László Könyves1, Pál Rafai1, Harry Miettinen2, Péter Kovács1, Viktor Jurkovich1, Endre Brydl1

1Szent István University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Department of Animal Hygiene, Herd-health and Veterinary Applied Ethology, Budapest, Hungary
2Nöykkiönlaaksontie, Espoo, Finland

Received March 17, 2015
Accepted November 10, 2015

The study evaluated the effects of crimped corn preserved either with organic acids or with a microbial inoculant on a range of metabolic and production indicators of dairy cows. Two hundred and sixty in-calf, second and third parity cows were selected into pairs on basis of age, parity, milk production in previous lactation, days in milk and body condition score with the greatest possible conformity within pairs. Cow pairs were assigned into a 2-period crossover experiment (2 × 45 days) and kept in separate groups within the same shed. Dietary treatments were TMR with crimped corn preserved with either organic acids (treatment K) or microbial inoculant (treatment B). Ten superbly matched cow-pairs were selected to form nucleus pairs for metabolic studies. The preservatives had no effect on the nutrient content of crimped corn. Crimped corn preserved with the microbial inoculant were found mouldy, predominantly with Mucor sp. at a number high enough to inhibit the growth of lactic acid bacteria, and had significantly higher pH and ammonium concentration compared to the chemical treatment. The milk yield of treatment K cows was significantly higher than that of treatment B cows with identical feed intake. Blood beta-hydroxy-butyrate concentration was lower and blood aspartate amino transferase activity higher with treatment K compared to treatment B. Results of this study suggest the superiority of total mixed rations containing chemically preserved crimped corn in terms of ammonia and microbiological indicators of crimped corn, significantly higher milk yield, and balanced energy metabolism.


Part of this research was supported by the TÁMOP-4.2.1.B-11/2/KMR-2011-003 project.


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